Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hell of a Discussion

I just finished writing a paper dealing with several different understandings and beliefs on Hell. Hell now days is a Hot topic (couldn’t resist) and there has been much heated (plenty more ahead I am sure) discussion and debate surrounding its nature, length, existence, and what Jesus and the Bible really say about it.

You rarely hear people speak about hell, but it seems to be central and a non-negotiable "doctrine" to many people's faith. In fact, many would say there is no point in believing without hell.

So what do you think? Over the next few days I intend to write on hell and hopefully spark a few conversations along the way and we will see where it leads us.

So I encourage you to post what you believe to be true (or not true) about hell and why you believe that way?

I hope you will participate and If you are not familiar with posting on a blog feel free to comment on FaceBook instead.


Matt said...

Would love to see the original paper that you wrote on hell, will you be posting it or would you email it to me to read?

Anonymous said...

Wow your blog has been ON FIRE. I bet this topic will get many peoples tempers BURNING. But FLAMING a good discussion can spread like a BLAZE throughout the internet and SPARK ETERNAL conversation!

How was that? LOL!

I am reading your posts backwards. (I haven't checked in a couple days)

I would also love to read the paper.

For this post I would just have to say, that "loving" Jesus JUST to keep one out of Hell, is like "loving" my wife JUST to keep her taking me to divorce court. (Which is my facebook status as we speak)

I believe in "hell" but am unsure to what extent of the doctrine that I believe.

Jkub said...

OK analogy, haha. I think a more accurate one would go something like this: In sticking with the "wife" scenerio...
If you love and choose to marry your wife just because you will be torchured for eternity if you dont love her and choose to marry her, then it is not realy love at all, but fear... however, if these are the terms, then it is in your best interest to go ahead and love and marry her out of fear anyway.
This scenerio seems so familiar.. oh yeh... caesar and pretty much every other "dictator who has ever ruled used this little tactic. (yes i am being harsh and its a petty argument/example, but I havent had my nap yet. haha)