Thursday, September 2, 2010

This Sunday in Brooklyn

I am speaking this weekend in Brooklyn NY at RevolutionNYC. I am giving a talk about Truth that transcends and transforms, which I believe is what Jesus taught and what is portrayed in the scriptures.

Often we view the Bible and especially the teachings of Jesus as laying out some sort of requirements that need to be met in order to be in the right with God, or that Jesus is giving us absolute instructions on how to love others and what to believe and think about certain issues. (I am not denying that sometimes this could be the case)

I have heard over and over throughout my life sayings such as, “The Bible is black and white” or “If the Bible says it then I believe it”. My personal experience will not allow me to view the Bible this way and in fact the more answers I search for the more questions I come up with, which is why I love the Bible so much.

In the talk I am using the story of the Good Samaritan, which Jesus tells to a man who is an “expert of the Law”, to show how the logic of black and white does not always apply. It is interesting that the man who was justified in this story (The Samaritan) was the man who ignored the scriptures (which I will go into more detail of course Sunday). Although, this shouldn’t be surprising since Jesus did this as well when healing on the Sabbath among other things which were prohibited by the Law (aka scripture).

I am looking forward to the talk and am hoping that good discussion follows.

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