Thursday, September 16, 2010

Church: The Bible, Friends, and Food

I have posted in the recent past that we have been meeting in our home every Sunday night to have dinner followed by open discussion with some close friends of ours. Well it is going great and we have had some very good discussions over the past few weeks. Our home on Sunday nights has become a safe place for us and our friends to get together and share our thoughts, opinion, and our ideas on various topics and scriptures.

We are going through the book of Genesis at the high speed of a chapter a week. For some this would be considered a slow process for if you do the math it should take almost a year to finish the first book of the Bible, however, this could also be considered a fast pace for there is so much to cover and discuss in each chapter.

It has been a good thing and like I have expressed before, I truly am excited for Sunday to come which, If I am honest (and I try to be), that is not something I have always been able to say.

As of now there are six of us (there is always room for more) that meet every week and among us are a (healthy) variety of opinions and beliefs which of course affect the way we all view the scriptures. We all approach the conversation with open minds and a willingness to learn something new about the text and about each other. It truly has proved to be a beautiful thing.

So I am going to start blogging about the conversations we are having on our Sunday nights together in order to try and keep the conversation going beyond the four walls of our home. (We are on chapter 9 so I have some catching up to do).

My hope is that many readers will join in and contribute to the discussions with an open heart, mind, and desire to learn…

and if you live in the Statesville area, feel free to stop in one Sunday night and join us.

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