Monday, July 12, 2010

Free for EVERYONE?!

If you know me at all then you know that i am a coffee fanatic. Almost to a fault. In fact, and this is a confession that I am not proud of, just yesterday i visited Starbucks three different times. I am very devout when in comes to my coffee drinking. I even worked pretty hard to get to a “Gold Level Member” which gets me free drinks, free refills, and maybe the best value since I use Starbucks as my office, free Wi-fi.
I must admit that I love it when people come in with their lap tops and try to get connected and can’t do it. They then ask me how I am connected to the internet and I would get to share with them my faithfulness to Starbucks and then what Starbucks does for me in return.

I love having free Wi-Fi, especially because I know most people would never experience it. It makes me feel important and like I am earning something.

Then one day I arrived at my usual table to find a sign that says, “Free Wi-Fi for everyone”. Needless to say I was furious and a little confused. Now what would be the point of loving Starbucks so much if everyone was going to be shown the same treatment.

I have always thought Wi-Fi should be for a select few and a special right reserved only for those who are committed and faithful. For me, “free Wi-Fi for everyone” in Starbucks is simply unfair to those of us who actually love coffee and spend time with it every day, and I definitely deserve better treatment than those who have never even ordered anything.

If only I could use this experience as a parallel to Western Christianity somehow.


paultilly said...

If only there were a parallel as to how free WiFi for everyone is not enjoyed by everyone. They have to accept the free WiFi by logging in.

Available for everyone, is a much different case than being enjoyed by everyone....

Just sayin ;-)

Jkub said...

No logging in required. It's already been done and I believe it was good enough and sufficient for all and is unconditional. If u put a (free, but u have to...) that's a condition and therefore is not truely free. It depends on you. Sounds more like a Greek god that needs to be appeased

Wait. R we talking about wifi