Monday, June 14, 2010

The Fall

On the sixth day God created humans in his image and placed them in the garden. God saw them and said that they are very good.

The man’s name was Adam and the woman’s name was Eve. Daily they walked with God. They had everything they ever needed there in the garden for everything was provided for them by God himself. They could eat of any tree in the garden except for the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

One day, as Adam walked with God through the garden, he finally found an opportunity to ask an important question he had been dying to ask. He approached God and said, “Lord, what must I do to get to heaven?”

God was taken back by the question for even He couldn’t believe what Adam was asking. For no one had ever asked Him this question before. God asked him to repeat the question just to make sure He had heard him correctly.

“What must I do to get to heaven one day?” Adam asked again.

God turned and went away sad for He now knew that Adam had eaten of the forbidden fruit from the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

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