Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Review of Peter Rollins' "I Believe in the Insurrection" Tour

This past Saturday Peter Rollins and friends brought their “I Believe in the Insurrection” tour to Charlotte.

The mood was set as soon as you walked into the dimly lit room. Ambient beats play in the background, complimentary of DJ Jonny McEwen, and a spread of couches, chairs and tables were scattered throughout the room. The drinks were on the house inviting conversation and discussion among the gathered “congregation.”

The two hour event was filled with music, poetry, fellowship, and theology. Peter spoke passionately about how the death and Resurrection of Christ was nothing short of an insurrection, an insurrection that continues today through those who claim to follow the crucified Christ. As images flickered on the screen in the background of the dark, candle lit room, Peter, through story and dialogue, covered topics such as the important role that doubt plays in the Christian’s life and how our beliefs have become abstract ideas separated from our actions.

In between chapters of Peter’s talk, poet/singer/song writer, Pádraig Ô Tuama gracefully relayed a beautiful yet challenging message of love and justice through poem and song which served as much more than just a smooth transition from one chapter to the next.

Rollins began the night by challenging his listeners to not merely agree or disagree with the content of his message, but instead, as Israel did at Jabbok, wrestle with the material being presented. To let it challenge, provoke, and transform our lives as we attempt to live out the IN/RE-surrection of Christ.

And I am still wrestling.

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Paul Tilly said...

Than wrestle I shall.....