Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Reputation

It was once said that there a very powerful man who was in pursuit of the love of his life. He was a well known man and seem to be well respected and loved by all who claimed to know of him.

He wanted nothing more than the affection and devotion of his potential lover. He constantly sent letters describing his abundant, unconditional love for her and that he was interested in giving her a better life, or as he explained it in his letters, “a better way to live.” The letters explained that even if she never felt the same about him he would still love her no matter what.

Her friends - who said they knew the man very well - were constantly trying to persuade her into giving him a chance. They tried to explain to her the big mistake she was making and the consequences that were sure to follow if she continues on the path she was taking. “You don’t want to wait too long,” they would say, “Someday he just may retract his offer and then it will be too late.” They told her of the horrible things that had happened in the past to people who had rejected him and how they were sure he had something to do with it.

One day she finally decided to write the man back. Her letter simply read…

I love reading your letters. For in them you sound wonderful and exactly what I need and who I am looking for. When I read them I truly feel loved.

But everyone who says they know you speak of you completely different than what your letters portray. They describe you as someone who threatens others and makes examples out of those who reject your offer. As someone who only loves if he is loved back.

So who are you? I am deeply in love with the man writing me letters, but I want nothing to do with someone of your reputation.

My sincere apologies,


melissa said...

So true!! Well written:)

paul said...

Jesus spoke of consequences....just not like we do. He spoke them out of love and wanting to see us not endure the things he mentioned. Some today, speak of them as if they were the reason he came.

The reason he came was to reconnect with us. He did not come to condemn.
He clearly gave warnings....just not the way we do.

Good stuff bro.