Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jesus-The Hypocrite?

A young man was leaning up against his favorite shade tree right in the middle of the downtown market place. He lived in a small town that was mostly made up of people who regularly met to worship and talk about their faith in God. He had sat in on some meetings and listened to people speak about the “good news” and a man named Jesus, but he had always thought it all sounded TOO good to be true.

As he relaxed in the shade - sipping on a cool cup of water - he thought he saw Jesus walk by. “No, it couldn’t have been him,” he thought. He looked again and sure enough it appeared to be the man that everyone was talking about, Jesus.

He had heard about Jesus from many of his friends and family, but had never actually met him. He had heard about how loving and caring he was and how he always cared for the poor and the outcast. He had even heard a rumor that Jesus had once forgiven a prostitute who had been caught red handed in an affair.

He was intrigued to say the least, so he got up to follow this man and see if the rumors were true. He kept a close eye on Jesus as he made his way through the market place. Jesus had went into a local diner and ordered himself something to eat. He gave the store owner a bill worth about ten dollars in exchange for a five dollar sandwich he was about to enjoy. He politely said thank you when the man behind the bar handed him his change. As he walked out the door, Jesus was met by a homeless man who was known as the town drunk. The man asked Jesus if he had any change he could spare. Jesus rolled his eyes as he ate his sandwich and told the man he had no money on him. Jesus went on not giving the man a second thought.

As Jesus made his way through the streets a crowd began to follow him, some had questions about their own faith, some wanted to know about the close relationship he claimed to have with God, some needed healing, some were hungry and others just wanted to be close to him. Jesus seemed to become very upset that these people didn’t respect his privacy and he violently made his way through the crowd as he told the people he didn’t have time for them. He even got in one mans face demanding that he leave him alone.

Tears swelled up in the young mans eyes as he watched Jesus throughout the day proving over and over that he was nothing like the stories he had heard. Instead, he saw Jesus as a hypocrite and the news that everyone proclaimed had indeed proved TOO good to be true.

These events took place present day.

Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. (I Corinthians 12:27)


melissa said...

wow. i am so often that version of Jesus. thank you for this. I want to live each day differently. full of love and purpose and generosity.

Paul Tilly said...

If we are going to proclaim His name, we better prove ourselves worthy. Otherwise we should shut up and stop making Him look bad.

Amen x2 bro.