Friday, February 26, 2010

Parable: Convicted

The courtroom was almost full and everyone was finding their seats. A sudden outburst from the bailiff, “All Rise” silenced the rest of the room as the Honorable Judge made His way behind the podium. The Judge was widely known for being fair and just.

The defendant was a middle aged man charged with many crimes throughout the course of his life. If convicted the sentence would surely be death.

The Judge sternly asked the defendant, “How do you plea?” The defendant had no choice but to reply, “Guilty your Honor”, for the evidence that had been brought out against him was undeniable. “Then, being a Just Judge, I have no choice but to hand out the sentence you deserve, death.

The defendant began to weep uncontrollably all the while begging for forgiveness. Just then a man charged through the double doors located in the back of the courtroom. By the look on his face he was dreading what he was about to do.

As the mysterious man made his way down the Isle to stand before the Judge, a look of horror spread across the Judges’ face. For it was then that he realized he was staring into the face of His own Son.

His Son began to speak, “You know that I have never broken a single law and would be found guiltless in front of any courtroom, but I have come to take the accused man’s place.”

With sadness in His eyes the Judge said, “I am sorry Son, but this man has to pay for his own misdeeds. For as a Judge,the people have bound me to the Law as well.”

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