Friday, January 8, 2010

Do People Still...?

Do People Still… consider “Christian Rock” a sin?

I graduated from a very strict Christian School which I attended from the age of five. I remember wearing a “Jars of Clay” t-shirt to PE. A teacher stopped me, somehow recognizing the name, (probably because it was derived from an NIV verse, GASP. More on that in the future) she asked, “Isn’t that a ‘Christian rock’ band on your shirt?” Out of fear of what would happen to me if convicted, I sheepishly nodded yes. She went on to explain to me, very sternly, that I could never wear the shirt back to PE again or appropriate action would be taken. Probably something along the lines of locking me in a room and making me listen to the music they DID approve of.

I have been out of high school for 8 years now, seems much longer, so I sometimes forget about these kind of things. Really? Contemporary Christian Music a sin? Now I will be the first to admit that a lot of it sucks, but I wouldn’t call it a sin.

Your thoughts?


Erin said...

LOL--I always thought that was ridiculous. I have always been a rule follower, so I did as they asked while at school, but I was so thankful my parents had me in a church and home that followed the Bible and weren't legalistic. I could literally, physically feel the weights being lifted from me when I started college. My relationship with Christ kept me sane. The sad thing is that many of the kids we went to school with had an easy excuse to go wild when the reins were lifted after high school. When Christianity is all about legalism and not about heart change, there is no true repentance for our truly lost state and therefore no conviction of true sin.

melissa said...

i was never told that christian rock was sin....but I was told once by a preacher that he could hear demons coming out of underoath's that the same??

Jkub said...

Erin, I know what you mean. I dont know how some people live like that... or why for that matter.

and yes, melissa. That is the same thing.

Christopher Olson said...

Melissa, that preacher needs to go to a worship service led by Aaron Gillespie (UO's drummer/The Almost) his demons will come out of him.